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How the System works

2019-07-05 11_21_43-Reef Moonshiners Handbook_Rev.1.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader 2017.png
1. Reading the Handbook !!!

First thing you do is to download the Free Handbook for the entire Reef Moonshiner's System and method from the Webstore or this Website's links and learn about all the details how the method works, and it usually will answer all questions you may have.

2023-11-27 17_11_18-Reef Moonshiners Tools R10 - Excel.png
2. Perform the ICP OES or even MS Test

Send out a well selected ICP Test and wait for results to come back. The results will be entered into the Assessment tool which will tell you what you really need, so you won't buy anything you won't need. Choose one of the ICP Tests as per Reef Moonshiner's Handbook section "Choose the right ICP Test".

2020-02-28 07_42_52-.png
3. Let the ICP results been assessed by Reef Moonshiner's

Enter the Test Results into the ICP Assessment tool, get Dosing instructions for all required trace elements. You will get a detail assessment for each critical element, a dosing summary sheet, and even a first time users Shopping list with the required and optional elements shown. Can't get done any easier.

2020-02-28 07_39_33-Reef Moonshiners assessment tool Rev.X2Beta.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader
4. Review your Dosing Summary and see what to do

To reach the Reef Moonshiner's targets, this section will easily explain WHAT & HOW MUCH & FOR HOW MANY DAYS the solutions need to be dosed. Corrections will be done after each test based on results, plus at least 4 daily Elements as part of the program have to be dosed manually or via dosing pump.

2020-02-28 07_40_44-Reef Moonshiners assessment tool Rev.X2Beta_edited.jpg
5. See what you need before you spend anything !

The First time user shopping list is to guide new users through the purchasing process, helps to see what needs to be purchased to ensure you have enough bottles for larger systems, and shall help to understand what the startup cost will be, before getting into the Reef Moonshiner's method.

2021-09-03 19_23_55-Andre Mueller Shop.png
6. Purchase Elements as needed

The Reef Moonshiner's Webstore as linked on this Website does offer the purchase for all the RM Trace Elements and a few other selected products that are used personally by Andre.
Paypal is the only accepted method for payment. Tracking will be available in your Paypal usually same or next business day when Shipments are processed. 

7. Dose Corrections and Daily Elements

Read the Handbook for details! You will dose Corrections as per the Tools, and your daily elements come with a Syringe each, and a medical bottle sealer to turn around the bottle and dose precisely with the Syringe without spills and mess. The Stopper will also seal the bottle and liquid to minimize contamination.

2021-09-03 21_13_20-.png

You are invited and encouraged to use the FB support group to see others success stories, just stay informed, talk to Andre, ask questions, report observations or just sneak around ;-)

This group is moderated to avoid scammer and trolls and is mostly focused on Reef Moonshiner's relevant subjects.

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