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Frequently asked Questions

Questions in general !
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Majority of all questions are already answered when reading the Handbook. Strongly encouraged you read it first and trust me, you will read it numerous times when getting into the method.


Use and Handling
Can I still do Waterchanges???

Since this method allows basically to run full synthetic, you actually won't need, and most don't do any Water changes after following this method. All traces are daily/routinely replenished even above Sea Water Levels for the most part, so even if you decide to keep your Water change routine, you can do that still while following the Reef Moonshiner's method and instructions. Just don't send out ICP samples within 2 days after a Water change. Not sure why the rumors says this method does not allow WC, which isn't true. Water changes are still a great way to export compounds and substances, that your Skimmer, Bacteria or Activated Carbon can't absorb or decompose. However if the tank is not exposed to treatments and medications or contaminated with Toxins or chemicals for whatever environmental reason in the house, it is recommended to stop Water changes. This will allow most undesired metals to diminish over time. Bear in mind a lot of food sources carry plenty of metals and silicates into the Water, and a lot of times the RODI water is a source of troubling elements even while showing 0 TDS.

What is the Shelf life of the bottles and how to store them?

The shelf life in theory is numerous years when not opened and stored at not higher than Room temperature, and kept in a place outside light and sun exposure. Then the individual Syringes and Bottle sealers are minimizing cross contamination and help to extend the theoretical shelf life. Recommendation is to dispose unused open solutions after 2years. This is due to the fact of not knowing how the users care and storage the elements and if the bottles have been exposed to contamination with other elements or Aquarium water. 

Can I purchase all Elements at once?

It is recommended to perform an ICP test first and then run the results through the ICP Assessment tool to see what you really need, which will save you costs in the startup phase since you will only buy what you really need. Also the optional items such as VitaminX and Liqui-Mud can be purchased in a subsequent order, since these will show their improvements in most cases anyways after the 2nd correction.
However if budget is not a concern, you can buy them all since you need them anyways at some point, you would only need to make a decision on the 4 daily elements Manganese, Iron, Chromium and Cobalt, if you decide with the Classic Elements or the Nano/Pump versions. There is an entire page in the Handbook dedicated to the differences between them.

What is the expected cost on the System?

Typically the start varies between approx. $180-$250 for a 150Gallon system, not including the ICP Tests. First time corrections are the largest ones. The typical average maintenance cost on a 150G tank is about $15-$20 per month on average. Usually a user does need to reorder something everything other month or longer. Due to shipping fees, it's recommended to stock up elements depending on the historical tank consumptions, where the Reefer can predict what is needed over the next months, which helps to buy in advance and saves on Shipping cost on the long run. Fluoride, Boron, Bromine are the most used elements across the community, can't hurt to have those in the Shelf at home.

When does my order ships out?

Orders do ship usually the next business day, however in many cases the orders are processed and shipped on the same day.
During peak times, it's not uncommon that orders ship on Weekends.

I need about a total of 60 bottles for my first order for a 3,000 Gallon store display, is that an issue?

No, since the Reef Moonshiner's products are provided to Local Fish stores across the country, larger quantities are not of concern.

If you have more than 15,000Gallons on the system we may need to talk about a customized product line to ease the process for both sides.

Are Syringes and these stoppers included?

All elements, that can be considered as daily dosage, are shipped with a Syringe and Stopper. Your LFS shall also have these items separate, if they carry the Reef Moonshiner's system.

Are the Elements shipped into coutries outside the US?

Yes, custom shipments are possible but honestly extremely expensive to Ship, not an option for most common Reefkeeper!

Canada is typically Shipping between $50-$60 and a Import Tax of about CAD50-CAD60 for 8 Elements, approx. $20 for each additional 8.

Singapore, Africa, India, Australia will be in the $300-400 per shipment. 

Countries as part of the EU or in the Middle East are currently not part of the Custom Export shipments.

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