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ICP Sampling Instructions

1. Prepare for the Testing

Please read through the entire Instructions first, and then continue with step #2.

Prepare everything for sampling first.

The Testkit comes with additional tools such as gloves and a small water micro-filter.

Put on the gloves when ready to take the water samples, and unpack everything.


Do NOT sample your tank within 48 hours after a Water change.

Do NOT dose any large quantities of trace elements prior sampling, on the day of sampling. 

Your daily elements ideally should be dosed after the sampling.

2. Take a Picture of the Tube Sticker & Shipping Label

It is important to take a picture of the Sticker attached to any of the Tubes, since they are all the same per test.

The number on the Sticker is later required to register the Sample in the Laboratory data management system!

The Shipping label will become very useful in case your Sample runs late or you want to track the Test-kit in the USPS Tracking system.

3. Sequence of sampling tubes

Sequence is very simple as in below step by step instruction.

-You start with 10ml filtered tank water in the Blue capped tube.

(MS-Test only)

-Then filtered tank water on the 2 White capped tubes until full.

-Finally the Red capped tube will be used for your RODI water testing. Do NOT fill anything other than RODI water (unfiltered) into this tube. No exceptions can be made!

4. Prepare the Syringe and Filter

To avoid microbiological activity in the sample which does affect the test results, we do use a Micro Filter to fill the test tubes with filtered water.


- Rinse the Syringe 3-4 time with Aquarium Water from the tank.

- Fill the Syringe with Tank water and attach the Filter to the Syringe.

- Do not try to fill the Syringe with the Filter on the tip.

Discard the Filter after testing, and do not reuse these for other ICP testing or sampling.

5. MS Test only - Fill the BLUE capped tube with 10ml filtered Tank water

The blue tube will only be filled with 10ml of Tank water.

Before you fill it with filtered tank water, take the smaller vial with stabilizer fluid out of the sample Tube.

Fill the sampling Tube with filtered tank water up to the 10ml mark, then add the stabilizer fluid into the sampling tube and discard the empty stabilizer vial.

The stabilizer fluid will keep the Phosphorus/Nutrient levels stable during transit which this Water sample is used for only.

The accuracy on Phosphate results is drastically improved compared to other ICP-Tests on the market.

6. Fill the WHITE capped tubes with filtered Tank water 

Fill the 2 White capped tubes with filtered Tank water.

Start with the smaller tube, then the bigger tube afterwards.

You have to refill the Syringe in this step, remember to remove the filter to refill the Syringe.

Keep the Syringes after sampling, they make a useful tool on the daily Chores on the Aquarium. To disinfect these Syringes, place them empty and apart in a clean Microwave at high (900W-1200W) for 1 minute individually.

7. Fill the RED capped tube with RODI or RO water

Fill the Red capped tube with RODI water (unfiltered) from your TOP OFF system, your RODI system etc.

This tube is intended for RODI water only, please do not fill with tankwater, the performed tests on this water sample are limited to only the most common elements that are known to pass the resin first. This is purely to indicate if the RODI system does perform sufficient or if the saturation levels have been reached.

8. Pack all Sampling tubes into the enclosed Polybag

When all Sampling tubes are filled, place them into the enclosed smaller rectangular Polybag and close the Ziploc.

Leave the air in the bag, this will provide additional cushioning during transportation.

9. Attach the Return label

It is recommended to write your address on the Address line on the return label.

Then attach the label to the Shipping envelope and close it.


Alternative is to write your name & address with a Sharpie somewhere on the envelope in case the Envelope gets lost in transit by USPS.

2022-10-22 06_45_23-Inbox - - Outlook.jpg
10. Register your ICP Test online - LOGIN

Register your sample now on the Oceamo Lab website HERE.

Sign in your account, or register for a new account.

This step can now be done on your phone or home computer whichever preferred.

2022-10-22 06_47_21-Inbox - - Outlook.jpg
11. Register your ICP Test online - SUBMIT A SAMPLE

In the Home menu, click "Submit a Sample".

In the next step you do need the picture or Sticker number from the Test vials you just packed into the Envelope, pull up the picture you took, or note where the Label is written down.

2022-10-22 06_50_42-Oceamo Portal.jpg
12. Register your ICP Test online - ENTER NUMBER

In the next window, you will enter the complete text & number as found on the Sticker that is attached to your Test kit tubes.

One code covers the entire Test kit, all stickers are the same.

2022-10-22 06_53_27-.jpg
13. Register your ICP Test online - SUBMITTAL FORM

In the final step you will fill out a short form with some random data about your tank and system.

The Customer # will be assigned and provided with the first results, this form is conveniently prefilled next time you submit a sample.


After you click the Submittal button, check your email inbox for a registration email and confirmation that you submitted a new sample. 

14. Drop off your Envelope

All done. If you are lucky enough to have your own Mailbox, place the test in there, drop off at any USPS mail supporting location otherwise!


This label is pre-paid, no visit at the counter or getting in line.

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