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Poo Tang Reefs
Apr 11, 2022
In Coral Sales and Trades
Here to share the love of coral with my large collection of sps and other goodies! Let me know if anything catches your eye or if you have any questions. Happy to help! Some pieces still are not listed in the price list below but will continue to update as time goes on Facebook: Terrill Newell IG: pootangreefs 772-631-7682 Port St. Lucie, FL PTR The Pink PTR High Heaven PTR Rasta Man PTR Cloud 9 BK Chem Fruit Loops WD BC Backdraft BC Rainbowmelon LSOH SPS Bk chem fruit loops teni $600 SBB Unicorn Cake teni $300 (cut to order) Rising sun milli $300 (cut to order) Bc lemon peel $100 Bc Bubblebath unicorn $150 (cut to order) Bc rainbowmelon teni $100-125 Bc mr neutron $125 Bc efflo 2.0 $50 Bc ultimate soli $40 Bc pink flamingo $100-125 Bc aquatic man table $100-125 Bc bonfire table $100-125 Bc Bohemia table $100 Bc firecracker table $50 Bc honeycomb $125 Bc Yellowjacket $150 (cut to order) Bc skyparade teni $75 Bc backdraft the movie table $125 (cut to order) Bc cricket spine $175 (cut to order) Bc blood bank $200 (cut to order) Jf solar flare milli $75 Blueberry spath $30 Jf Barney $30 Pink caddy $30-$60 PTR Just like heaven, smooth skin $75 Panama red $40 Copps cali cali staghorn $50 Green slimer $15 Red planet table $40 Big blue table $40 Wwc Hollywood dreams table $75 Wwc yellow tips $20 Wwc king Fiji $125 (cut to order) GB candalabra $40 TSA Carolina reaper teni $100-125 TSA daydream teni $100-125 Tyree pinky the bear $50-60 Cookie Monster blue teni $100-150 Pc Superman table $50 RC poison envy $100-125 Greg hillers aqua delight $40 Fox flame $50 TGC cherry bomb teni $100 Banana lokani $30-60 TCK Pikachu $60 Shortcake $30 Rainbow loom $75 I like em hairy red milli $75 PTR Purple Kusk Milli $100 Tri color validia $15 Phoenix on fire $50 TSA bill Murray $100 TSA optimus prime $100 PTR The Pink teni $150 PTR High Heaven teni $150 PTR Rasta Man teni $150 PTR Cloud 9 teni $150 Bubblegum digi $15 Starburst monti cap $30 Tropic thunder monti $20 Montipora setosa $40 JF slow burn monti $30 Green monti cap $20 Purple monti cap $10 ORA Yellow lantana monti $20 Green cyphastrea LPS Cornbreads Crazy clown chalice (cut to order) Cornbreads showstopper chalice (cut to order) Full tilt chalice (not available) My Miami chalice (not available) Raja rampage (cut to order) Mummy eye chalice (not available) Hologram chalice (not available) War coral favia Green favia Gold hammer $50-60 Rainbow gold hammer $65-75 Green hammer $20 Purple hammer $45 Pink frogspawn $80-100 Green frogspawn $20-30 Green with purple tip frogspawn $25-35 Iron man blasto $70-100pp Sunkist mushroom $100 Holy grail micromusa $50pp Neon tip toadstool leather $75 ZOAS Little shop of horrors $75-100pp Rainbow hornet $20pp Fruit loops $25pp Purple hornets $30pp Speckled Kraks $50pp Sunny ds $20pp Vamps $15pp Cars $10pp Bloodshots $50-75pp Alien antivenoms $15p Bowsers $30pp magicians $5pp Purple monsters $5pp Rasta $15pp Twizlers $10pp Goblins on fire $20pp Rainbow paly $20pp (sunny ds) Blue hornets $35pp Pikachus $25pp Bam bams $15pp Rainbow yodas $35pp Mind tricks $100pp Marvin Martian $100pp
Poo Tag Reefs
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Poo Tang Reefs

Poo Tang Reefs

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